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Congratulations to Carmen Delgado! Winner of the 2023 Fausto Romero Personal Assistant Award

“Carmen is the best assistant I ever had. She never left me during COVID – even slept in my apartment because I only have 12 hours (per day). She wanted to make sure I was safe and not exposed to the virus.

Carmen always keeps me clean, shaved and well fed. I love her cooking, she keeps my apartment clean, she always takes me out and to all my appointments. She knows all my pills, schedules and when I need to get refills. She is always on top of everything.

I have family in New York but they do not have any patience with me because I have a brain injury and repeat myself a lot. The nurses that visit my at home and my primary Doctor trust Carmen with my care.

In 2005, I traveled to Ecuador to visit family and my cousin never showed up at the airport. When Carmen found out that I was stuck at the airport in Ecuador, she sent her family (She is also from Ecuador) to pick me up and they took me to her hometown. That was the beginning of a new family for me. Now I have 3 godchildren and Carmen’s mom is my grandmother.

I am thankful to God that he put her and her family in my path. Without her, I would probably would be back at the nursing home. I do not have enough money to repay her for her love and time. She is an angel. I hope she never retires, but I know she must be tired of working so many years.”

Sincerely, Wladimir R Navarrete

Join CDANY at our Winter Wonderland Gala on December 7 to celebrate Carmen!